The Foursome Communities

Our Corporate Social Responsiblity in the forursome communities (Ugama Ekede, Ayama Ekede, Asuk Ama and Asuk Oyet) is targeted at facilitating their ’ long-term socio-economic development. Some of the ‘special-booster’ interventions undertaken by the company includes :

Primary Education Infrastructure

GEIL is actively involved in transforming the basic infrastructure available in the Foursome Communities. We have constructed 9 model primary school blocks with 3 located in Asuk Ama and the remaining 6 in Asuk Oyet. Similarly, 9 model primary school blocks were renovated, out of which 3 are located in Asuk Ama and 6 are located in Ayama Ekede. These projects have helped to promote human capacity building right from the primary education level.

Contracts and Employment

GEIL continues to recruit qualified candidates from the Foursome Communities to support its operations. Our contractors make use of available personnel from the Foursome Communities whilst also ensuring that certain contracts are reserved for qualified vendors nominated by the Foursome Communities.We conduct periodic training for community contractors to make them better equipped to compete favorably with other contractors involved in our procurement process. This principle is deeply engrained in our procurement process in the spirit of partnership and in line with the terms of the MOU signed with the Foursome Communities.

Youth Development

Our company recognizes the positive impact a well empowered youth can have on his/her community and the nation on a wider scale. To this end, We enrolled youths from the Foursome Communities in training programs such as pipeline fitting and welding, IT skills, training for auxiliary teachers. These programs have resulted in building capacity for socio-economic and self-improvement opportunities.

Community Infrastructure

In our ongoing effort to improve sanitary conditions in the Foursome Communities, our company constructed sanitary facilities in Ayama Ekede and Ugama Ekede which has eliminated open-space defecation in the communities. The construction of mini-bridge, and grading of road, which enhance mobility for economic activities. In addition to this was the provision of Town Hall in Ayama Ekede to support social inclusion and participation by a wider cross-session of community members in decision taking on public or common-interest issues in the communities.

Public Health Intervention

Medical missions were held across Ugama Ekede, Ayama Ekede, Asuk Ama and Asuk Oyet. The outreach provided life saving medical intervention such as free medical consultations, laboratory tests, free drugs as well as deworming of children, eye checks, distribution of prescribed eye glasses and insecticide-treated mosquito nets.


To boost security, we provided residential quarters and police station in Ayama Ekede and Ugama Ekede. The presence of policemen gives members of the community a sense of personal safety and enhances deterrence against criminal pursuits. GEIL also financed the establishment of security surveillance team for the foursome communities for internal security protection and prevention of security violations against the company’s interest.

Poverty Alleviation Program

Over one thousand five hundred (1500) and sixty (60) indigenes of Ugama Ekede, Ayama Ekede, Asuk Ama and Asuk Oyet benefitted from the targeted transfer and the livelihood support programs respectively. The livelihood support was provided by GEIL in the form of grant funding for entrepreneurs within the communities, whilst the targeted transfer addressed financial emergencies for indigent households for food, economic shocks, transport needs, health issues and so on.