Our Interventions – Ikuru Town

In line with our Corporate Social Responsibility framework, GEIL support specific programs to facilitate host communities’ long-term socio-economic transformation, we list below some of the ‘special-booster’ interventions undertaken, with and for Ikuru Town, our principal host.

Human-Asset Development and Capacity Building

  • Funded 24 post-graduates, 154 undergraduates, 59 Polytechnic students, 18 School of Nursing students under the Ikuru Town Bursary Awards programme.
  • Funded training of 2 Boeing 737 pilots from Ikuru Town (now active aviation professionals)

Our Interventions

Public Health Intervention

Medical missions were carried out in Ikuru Town. The outreach provided free medical consultations, laboratory tests, free drugs as well as deworming of children, eye checks, distribution of prescribed eye-glasses and insecticide-treated mosquito nets. More so medical assistance was provided for 3 members of Ikuru Town requiring life-saving surgery (all successful).Over 2000 residents benefited in the first two years with numbers increasing at every intervention

Learning Infrastructure and Community Utilities

GEIL prides itself in its investment in providing effective learning environment for community schools in Ikuru Town. We have renovated and refurbished classrooms, construction of sanitary facilities for secondary schools; as well as providing chairs and tables required to aid learning. In the same vein GEIL continues to maintain the facilities at the Town hall by providing portable water, generator for electricity. Provision of sanitary facilities for the public, renovation of corpers’ lodge and maintenance of the Okaan Ama’s palace. These interventions are expected to make Ikuru Town a more pleasant place to live and do business.

Contracts and Employment

GEIL continues to recruit qualified candidates from Ikuru Town to support its operations. GEIL also ensures its contractors make use of available personnel (Skilled and unskilled) from Ikuru Town. GEIL also ensures that certain contracts are reserved for qualified vendors nominated by Ikuru Town. This principle is deeply engrained in our procurement process In the spirit of partnership and in line with the terms of the MOU signed with Ikuru Town.

Community Investment Projects

GEIL continues to partner with Ikuru Town in funding its Investment Projects including the construction of 6 units of 2 bedroom bungalows These projects are geared towards providing assured sources of internally generated revenue for the town which could be utilized for further future investments or to cushion urgent financial needs within the company.


To enhance security of lives and property in Ikuru Town, GEIL provided a jetty for naval patrol vessels, vehicle for patrol and constructed well-furnished accommodation for naval staff. GEIL also employed security surveillance team for the community for internal security protection and prevention of security violations against the company’s interest and the community.

Poverty Alleviation Program

A thousand (1000) and thirty (30) indigenes of Ikuru Town benefitted from the targeted cash transfer and the livelihood support respectively. The livelihood support was provided by GEIL in the form of grant funding for entrepreneurs within the communities, whilst the targeted transfer addressed social emergencies such as food insecurity, economic shocks, transport needs, health issues and so on.