Our Sustainability Work

Green Energy International Limited (GEIL) is proud to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our primary contribution is safely developing and delivering the affordable, clean, and reliable energy that is necessary for social and economic progress. We take as a matter of priority, the empowerment and protection of people and the environment through our investments in health, education, sustainable livelihood and economic development.

As a business philosophy, we do not exist just to make profit and ensure corporate survival. We see it as a moral duty to extend the benefits from our operations to other stakeholders particularly our host communities. Since inception, GEIL has committed significant resources to improve the lives of the immediate host and neighboring communities, through articulating, formulating, implementing and monitoring its corporate social responsibility interventions via an MoU mechanism with Ikuru Town, our principal host and the Foursome Communities (Asuk Ama, Asuk Oyet, Ugama Ekede, and Ayama Ekede), all in Andoni Local Government Area of Rivers State.

Our Sustainability Work

Our engagement with the host communities has been a mutually-beneficial friendship and trust-building interface, which goes beyond merely seeking freedom-to-operate (FTO) in a transactional mode. We operate a relationship that is not detached from the sustainable development aspirations of our host communities and related stakeholders. Because we are part and parcel of Andoni land, and our Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) activities has been steadily and consciously evolving towards an interdependency of trust and goodwill for mutual community -company success. In addition, we are committed to aligning ourselves with the development priorities of our host communities by helping them to reduce poverty, drive economic and social opportunities, and enable the benefits of modern life. We focus on building local capacity and making social investments that enable communities to succeed- an approach which while it may have its challenges, is yielding noticeable improvement in our social performance interface.

Our broad interventions are focused on; Capacity building and Skills acquisition, Livelihood Support Programs, Health, Community Electrification, Biodiversity Conservation & Elephant Protection and Mainstreaming Conflict sensitive framework in our projects.

Some of our specific interventions includes; infrastructure, women and youth empowerment, entrepreneurship development, human capacity building through scholarships/bursaries at secondary and tertiary levels, medical and health outreaches.