The management and staff of GEIL set aside January 31 and February 1, 2019 to take part in the GEIL annual retreat, themed “RAMP UP” which also means to bolster, strengthen or build up. This theme sums up GEIL’s goal for the year 2019 which is to RAMP UP its People, Partnership and Performance. GEIL aims to RAMP UP its production to 10000bopd (Performance) but recognizes that this is only achievable where it first RAMPs UP its People (employees) and its Partnerships (host communities, regulators and other stakeholders).

The retreat was a melting pot for a wide array of GEIL stakeholders – shareholders, Board members, management, employees, consultants and other associates. Attendance at the retreated was very impressive with about 80 staff drawn from all levels of employment and from our various work bases – Otakikpo Field, Port Harcourt, Lagos and Abuja. In presenting a review of the company’s 2018 report, the Chairman, Prof. Anthony Adegbulugbe, outlined the challenges, milestones and progress recorded by the company in year 2018 which include

– Ranked as 3rd highest producing marginal field
– Commissioned PEPF and achieved full control of field operations and maintenance
– Completed repayment of field development carry cost to technical and financial partner
– Obtained approval to construct LPG Plant
– Championed and concluded extensive 3D seismic data acquisition
– Exemplary safety record culminating in 100 Million Man-hour milestone
– Excellent community relationship
– Improved staff welfare and benefits

A significant portion of the retreat was dedicated to parallel brainstorming sessions in the following key areas - People and Security; Best In Class Operations Excellence; Partnership – Stakeholder Engagement; and Finance and Corporate Governance. These sessions gave all participants, particularly employees, the opportunity to identify areas requiring improvement in GEIL’s operating standards and to propose reform measures to address identified gaps. This engagement was done in furtherance of the company’s open-door policy to encourage communication, feedback and discussion on any matter of significance to employees. The feedback from these sessions were ranked with key ideas identified and collated to guide the company’s policy formation during the year.

Participants were also exposed to key workplace principles during the team building seminar delivered by renowned HR facilitator Mr. Jimi Tewe. Mr. Tewe brought to fore his vast understanding of career success principles in motivating participants to find their “why?”, the reason behind whatever goal or principle they have set out to accomplish in life or at the workplace. Mr. Tewe noted that self-discovery would result in self leadership which would then culminate in leadership at the workplace.

Beyond the strategizing and deliberating, participants were able to demonstrate teamwork during the paintball activity organized as part of the retreat. It was a fun opportunity for for staff from various locations to interact and build rapport which would be of great importance in executing their day to day tasks.

RAMP UP Retreat Testimonials
The company is already garnering the benefits from its RAMP UP retreat. See a few comments from staff - “The retreat was a phenomenal success. There is a significant measurable improvement in my team’s performance as a result of targets set during the retreat” – James Odunuga, AGM Subsurface

“Jimi Tewe’s charge “Never give up” continues to resonate in me. I have learned to leverage on my team’s capacity and expertise. I am now open to seek advice from my teammates and delegate tasks thus creating more room for competency enhancement within my team”. - Eyo Okon-Eyo, Production Operations Team Lead

“The retreat confirmed that GEIL is a transparent organization with an ingrained pursuit for continuous stakeholder engagement. I am proud to be a part of this great organization and intentional in my resolve to be a 7Star employee.” – Folashade Aderanti-Olowoshoke, Programs Officer