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Small Scale Gas Utilization Projects (SSGUP)

  • Green Energy International Limited signed an MOU with the Department of Petroleum Resources, to implement three Small Scale Gas Utilization Projects (SSGUP):
  • A gas-fired plant of not less than 15MW, out of which 5 MW would be dedicated to the Otakikpo communities
  • A Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) extraction plant to be installed as part of the gas processing facility.
    • Part of the LPG to be for domestic use within the Otakikpo communities and to support small scale gas industries.
    • Both portions for domestic and to small scale gas industries shall be calculated based on a maximum annual supply of 1500 tons of LPG
  • A small scale LPG bottling plant with capacity to fill up to 300 units of 12.5 kg per day to be installed for domestic cooking gas distribution
  • Green Energy International Limited intends to develop the Otakikpo Marginal field with SSGUP as the backbone and an integral part of all field development activities
  • Ensure absolute compliance with the zero gas flare policy of the Federal Government
  • Preferred gas utilization projects for the Otakikpo Marginal field are
    • LPG Extraction Plant
    • Offshore gas pipeline for Dry Gas
    • Gas to Power – for industrial park